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The Complete Android Kotlin Developer Course

The Complete Android Kotlin Developer Course
| Pub Date: 5th February 2018 | | Pages/Duration: 30.5 Hours | Language: English | Format: MP4 AVC 1280×720 AAC 44KHz 2ch | Size: 4.01 GB


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Learn how to make online games, and apps for Android O, like Pokémon , twitter,Tic Tac Toe, and notepad using Kotlin This course for anyone who want to be Kotlin programmer from scratch, We will start by discus all programming fundamentals that you need to start programming Kotlin. We will start first by install the development environment then you will run your first Kotlin app, and understand how program flow works in Kotlin. Then we will talk about variables and Math operation and proirites. Then we will take about logic and making decision, then we will talk about loops. Then we will talk about how to work with files.Then we will talk about functions and OOP concept that you need to use when you program apps with Kotlin, then we will talk about collections and which type collection you have to use for better performance depend on your app. then we will talk about multi-processing and how you could run multi-process in same time. Then you will learn how to build apps and game in Android like pockemon and tic tac toy and work with restful web services and JSON by build apps like get sunshine time. Also you will learn how to work with sqlite database to add, delete and update records, also you will learn how to use Firebase for online gaming and build social media app like twitter, and Learn how to build apps with sensors like run music when light is on and Nimbuzz vibrate when phone is shake, and more What Will I Learn? Build Your First Mobile App with Kotlin Apply to jr. Android development jobs Build real-world Android apps like Twitter,Facebook, My Notes, Find my phone, media-player, Calculator, find my age, find sunrise time and Alarm Build online games, like Pokémon, play tic tac toe online with friends. Work with New Firebase from Google and Web services (RESTful API calls) Work with sqlite Database and SharedPreferences. connect Android to PHP web services and MySQL database. Work with user location and maps Design amazing layout using Style, Color,Shape, Menu and ConstraintLayout Work with camera and other hardwares, like light sensor to run music when light on and Accelerometer sensor How to avoid reverse engineering (Reskin) for your app Make app that support Supporting Different Screens, and different languages Use system service like BroadcastReceive, Services, and Alarm Understand the programming foundation Understand the programming logic, condition and control Understand the OOP in Kotlin Use collections, And what is the better place to use collection + Table of Contents Introduction and Setup the environment 1 Introduction 2 Install Java JDK 3 Install IntelliJ IDEA 4 Exercise files Variables 5 Program concept 6 Run first App 7 Variable Concept 8 Define Variables 9 Var vs Val 10 Input data – ReadLine 11 Add Comments 12 Null safety Operations and Priorities 13 Convert between Data Type 14 Math operations. 15 Priorites 16 Increment and Decrement 17 App Find my age 18 Debug your Code step by step Decision Making 19 Logic statement 20 Simple IF 21 IF- Else 22 IF- ElseIF 23 Nested IF 24 When 25 Expression If and When. Loop Control 26 Simple For Loop 27 Nested For Loop 28 While Loop 29 Do While Loop 30 Returns and Jumps Collections and Strings 31 String 32 One-Dimension Array structure 33 One-Dimension Array implementation 34 ArrayList 35 HashMap 36 mapOf Arrayof listOf and mutableListOf 37 setOf and mutableSetOf Functions 38 Simple Function 39 Function Overload 40 Polymorphism 41 Global and Local Variables Object Oriented Programming 42 What is OOP 43 Simple Class 44 constructor 45 Inheritance 46 Visibility Modifiers 47 Overriding 48 Casting 49 super and this 50 interface 51 Abstract 52 Enum 53 Generic 54 Extensions 55 Packages 56 Inner and Nested Class 57 Lazy and Singleton design pattern 58 Comparable Sort array of Objects StorageFiles 59 Exceptions Try-Catch 60 File Write 61 File Read Multi Threading 62 Multi Threading Concept 63 Multi Threading example Android Startup 64 Install Android Studio 65 Setup Kotlin in Android Find my age App 66 Find my age Preview 67 Layout design with constraint layout 68 Implement App code 69 Debug and Find Errors Complete Tic Tac toy game 70 Tic Tac Toy overview 71 Layout desgin with TableLayout 72 Buttons call event 73 Find winner 74 Play with device 75 Add colors Calculator app 76 calculator preview 77 layout design 78 Add colors to app 79 fix Design issue 80 Number Click. 81 Add math operations 82 margin buttons 83 Percent and Clean 84 Supporting Multiple Screens Pockemon game in Android 85 Pockemon game overview 86 Setting the project and use Google Map API 87 Add marker with image on Map 88 Request on run time permission 89 Show player location on the map 90 Place Pockemons on the map 91 Catch Pockemon Zoo App 92 Zoo App preview 93 ListView layout design 94 Load listView with Data 95 Load different views in ListView 96 ListView events 97 Add or Remove item to listView 98 Support Different image size Restaurant menu 99 Restaurant menu preview 100 Design GridView Layout 101 Load gridView with list of foods 102 Show Food details Web services Find City Sunrise time App 103 Sunrise App preview 104 HTTP calls 105 Json and XML 106 City Sunrise App UI layout design 107 City Sunrise App HTTP calls and JSON read 108 Add nice Shape and rectangle for layout Sqlite database My Notes App 109 My notes app overview 110 Design notes ListView 111 List dummy notes use ListView 112 Design Add notes layout 113 use Menu bar and Intent 114 Styles 115 Add notes to Sqlite database 116 list notes from Sqlite database 117 delete notes from Sqlite database 118 update notes in Sqlite database 119 Support different languages and change app icon 120 The Activity Lifecycle Firebase Online Tic tac toy game 121 Online game game overview 122 Connect to firebase and FirebaseAnalytics 123 Login Page desgin 124 FirebaseAuth With email and password 125 Add player info In firebase Database 126 play Game layout Design 127 Send Game Play request 128 Accept game inviation 129 Play game live 130 Notification to play game 131 Notification Channels Firebase Twitter and Facebook App 132 Twitter app overview 133 Desgin login layout. 134 Load image from Phone 135 upload images to firebase 136 Tweets layout design 137 Add post 138 Load posts 139 Show post user info 140 Show loading now 141 Show Ads between feeds 142 Firebase Cloud Messaging Media Player for play online and Local songs App 143 Media Player overview 144 Media player layout desgin 145 List songs 146 Play songs from online URL 147 Play songs from Phone storage Complete Alarm app 148 Complete Alarm app overview 149 Android Studio Updates 150 Layout desgin 151 Fragments 152 Broadcast Receiver and Service concept 153 Broadcast Receiver and Set alarm time 154 SharedPreferences and start app with OS 155 Show Notification Sensors Apps 156 Light sensor Run music when light goes to off in room 157 Accelerometer sensor Nimbuzz vibrate when phone is shake Firebase Find my phone App 158 Find my Phone Preview 159 User login with phone number 160 menus for Contact and main activity 161 dummy Contact List data 162 Pick Contacts from phone 163 Save my trackers in Shared Ref 164 Firebase signIn Anonymously 165 Save user info Firebase 166 Save my trackers in Realtime- database 167 People Who I Find Dummy Data 168 People Who I Find Firebase Data 169 Load users contacts 170 Send phone location to the server 171 Find missing phone location 172 Services Vs Broadcast receiver Updates 173 Service Run App in background 174 Run App with OS 175 TODO Twitter App using MySql and PHP web service 176 What we Will Build 177 Build MYSQL Database schema 178 Build MYSQL database 179 PHP Web service and MYSQL Register 180 Connect to Firebase adn Add Assets 181 Design Login and Register Pages 182 signInAnonymously 183 Select image from device and upload it to firebase 184 Register User 185 Disable button 186 PHP Web service and MYSQL Login 187 User Login 188 Save user Data in Phone 189 PHP Web service and MYSQL Add Post 190 Desgin Layout for list post 191 Add tweets 192 PHP Web service and MYSQL List Post 193 List posts 194 One person posts 195 PHP Web service and MYSQL follow- un follow 196 PHP Web service and MYSQL Is following 197 HW . Build Web Services with Node.js and C 198 Node.js Web service and MYSQL 199 C Web service and SQL Server Publish App to Store 200 Publish App to Store 201 Convert app to source code 202 Avoid Convert app to source code