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Vue JS 2.0 – Mastering Web Apps

Vue JS 2.0 – Mastering Web Apps
| Pub Date: 5th February 2018 | | Pages/Duration: 4.5 Hours | Language: English | Format: MP4 AVC 1280×720 AAC 48KHz 2ch | Size: 601 MB


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Create the VueJS 2.0 apps you always wanted. Build 5 apps, learn development secrets, VueRouter, Vuex, & more! Become an in-demand software engineer by taking this tutorial on Vue Js. As one of the fastest growing frameworks for web development, learning Vue is a must. Simply put, understanding Vue will open doors and jobs for you. This project-based course will have you coding right away. By building five carefully thought-out example applications, you will sharpen your skills in modern web development. First, learn the essentials of Vue 2.0 by going through the main concepts and syntax. Then, build your first single-page app with Vue. Second, create an application that handles HTTP Web Requests in Vue and uses a public API. Extend upon this application next, learning VueRouter for multi-page applications. Fourth, build an application that works with Vuex to manage data. Finally, cap it all off by building an app with full authentication and a real-time database. You’ll not only learn Vue 2.0, but essential libraries like VueRouter and Vuex. Vuex can have a reputation for complexity, but you’ll find in this course, a secret recipe that boils Vuex down to three simple steps! Lastly, don’t worry if you’re new to web development. Some JavaScript experience will help, but this course explains every new concept thoroughly. What Will I Learn? Build entire Vue JS, VueRouter, and Vuex applications from scratch. Develop apps that deal with APIs and web requests. Create web apps with a full authentication service, and real-time database. + Table of Contents Introducing the Course 1 Introducing the Course 2 Introducing the Instructor 3 Introducing Vue 4 Installing Node 5 Installing a Code Editor 6 Forking the Repository Understanding Vue Syntax and Essentials 7 Vue Syntax and Essentials 8 The Vue Instance 9 Directives and V-if 10 V-for for List Renderings 11 V-on for Clicking 12 Components 13 V-model and Computed Properties 14 Lifecycle Hooks 15 Section Overview Vue Syntax and Essentials Building Notemaster Application One 16 Previewing Notemaster 17 Setting Up Notemaster 18 Using V-models for the Note Form 19 Adding Notes 20 Looping Through and Removing Notes 21 Section Overview Notemaster Starbase Application Two 22 Previewing Starbase 23 Setting Up Starbase 24 Vue Files 25 Basic Styling with CSS 26 Coding Break Web Requests 27 Introducing the API 28 Creating a Character Component 29 Finalizing Character Behavior 30 Structuring the Characters 31 Section Overview Starbase Starbase-Router Application Three 32 Previewing Starbase-Router 33 Setting Up Starbase-Router 34 Quickly Styling the App 35 Introducing VueRouter 36 Coding Break VueRouter 37 Router-Linking Different Pages 38 Developing the Data Component 39 Creating an Item Component 40 Adding the SwitchItem Method 41 Section Overview Starbase-Router Jokester Application Four 42 Previewing Jokester 43 Setting Up Jokester 44 Understanding Vuex 45 Creating the Store 46 Mutating the Store 47 Acting Upon the Store 48 Coding Break The Vuex Recipe 49 Building a Joke Component 50 Adding One Joke at a Time 51 Removing Jokes 52 Filtering Jokes 53 Section Overview Jokester Turnout Application Five 54 Previewing Turnout 55 Setting Up Turnout 56 Adding VueRouter 57 Introducing Firebase 58 Signing In 59 Storing Data with Vuex 60 Signing Out 61 Developing the Sign Up Component 62 Coding Break Authentication 63 Submitting Events 64 Adding a Realtime Database 65 Initializing Events in Store 66 Creating the EventItem Component 67 Section Overview Turnout Concluding the Course 68 Final Remarks 69 Bonus Lecture Exclusive Course Discounts